Super Eight Loop - Super Eight Loop 1-50 (Box Set)

Super Eight Loop
Super Eight Loop 1-50 (Box Set)
Label: BloodLust! ‎– B!S8L 1-50
Type: 50 x Cassette, C60 Box Set
Country: US
Date of released: Sep 1996
Category: Electronic
Style: Noise, Industrial


CS01-A Untitled
CS01-B Untitled
CS02-A Untitled
CS02-B Untitled
CS03-A Untitled
CS03-B Untitled
CS04-A Untitled
CS04-B Untitled
CS05-A Untitled
CS05-B Untitled
CS06-A Untitled
CS06-B Untitled
CS07-A Untitled
CS07-B Untitled
CS08-A Untitled
CS08-B Untitled
CS09-A Untitled
CS09-B Untitled
CS10-A Untitled
CS10-B Untitled
CS11-A Untitled
CS11-B Untitled
CS12-A Untitled
CS12-B Untitled
CS13-A Untitled
CS13-B Untitled
CS14-A Untitled
CS14-B Untitled
CS15-A Untitled
CS15-B Untitled
CS16-A Untitled
CS16-B Untitled
CS17-A Untitled
CS17-B Untitled
CS18-A Untitled
CS18-B Untitled
CS19-A Untitled
CS19-B Untitled
CS20-A Untitled
CS20-B Untitled
CS21-A Untitled
CS21-B Untitled
CS22-A Untitled
CS22-B Untitled
CS23-A Untitled
CS23-B Untitled
CS24-A Untitled
CS24-B Untitled
CS25-A Untitled
CS25-B Untitled
CS26-A Untitled
CS26-B Untitled
CS27-A Untitled
CS27-B Untitled
CS28-A Untitled
CS28-B Untitled
CS29-A Untitled
CS29-B Untitled
CS30-A Untitled
CS30-B Untitled
CS31-A Untitled
CS31-B Untitled
CS32-A Untitled
CS32-B Untitled
CS33-A Untitled
CS33-B Untitled
CS34-A Untitled
CS34-B Untitled
CS35-A Untitled
CS35-B Untitled
CS36-A Untitled
CS36-B Untitled
CS37-A Untitled
CS37-B Untitled
CS38-A Untitled
CS38-B Untitled
CS39-A Untitled
CS39-B Untitled
CS40-A Untitled
CS40-B Untitled
CS41-A Untitled
CS41-B Untitled
CS42-A Untitled
CS42-B Untitled
CS43-A Untitled
CS43-B Untitled
CS44-A Untitled
CS44-B Untitled
CS45-A Untitled
CS45-B Untitled
CS46-A Untitled
CS46-B Untitled
CS47-A Untitled
CS47-B Untitled
CS48-A Untitled
CS48-B Untitled
CS49-A Untitled
CS49-B Untitled
CS50-A Untitled
CS50-B Untitled


50xC-60 box set containing all of the tapes from the S8L series.